Meta Universe & NFT & DEFI

A digital space running parallel to the real world



The Ark to the Virtual World

SAditya Paliwal and Olivier Roussy Newton co-founded in London, UKCreated by its AP COIN Foundation, British Investment Bank, financial transactions and block technology teams


Project ecology

The biggest value of AP BOX-combining the blockchain technology applicator DFEI+NET into the meta universe

  • Gamify DEFI rules
  • NFT the game props
  • With "Meta Universe" as the core
  • A digital space that operates parallel to the real world

Based on the TRON network

AP BOX connects the entire TRON ecosystem, and its rich application scenarios provide power for on-chain transactions and applications.

  • Openness and transparency
  • With automation
  • Programmable, open and transparent
  • Verifiable and other outstanding features
  • No third-party verification platform required
  • Trusted interaction on the chain

The "natural matrix" of the meta universe

Metaverse truly achieved what the blockchain could not achieve, and AP BOX achieved what Metaverse wanted to achieve, allowing people to truly witness the greatness of blockchain technology.

  • Big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence
  • Play "1+1>2"
  • New technology "polymers"
  • Three-dimensional combination technology
  • Decentralized value flow
  • Connecting virtual and real existence

Verifiable and secure

AP BOX “Decentralized Value Circulation”

  • Fair outcome of the game
  • Trusted distribution of NFT
  • Intimate interaction with players
  • Build nodes on AP BOX
  • Price service
  • VRF randomness solution

AP BOX meta universe attributes

Step by step

Metaverse truly achieved what the blockchain could not achieve, and AP BOX achieved what Metaverse wanted to achieve, allowing people to truly witness the greatness of blockchain technology.


The "immersive experience" that attracts people to the meta-universe, creates a scene that is close to reality, and allows users to fully sense and interact with each other.


Including "low power" and "ubiquitous", allowing most people to join the metaverse, and allowing users in the world to enter and exit freely.


"Sociality" can enhance the sense of link between the meta-ring and the user.


Metaverse must maintain "sustainability" and at the same time accept the needs of "diversity".

Our project

We are the best

It took 3 years and hundreds of technical teams to build together. Integrate the blockchain technology DEFI+NFT into the meta universe to realize the unification of virtual value and real value.

In the virtual world of the meta-universe, establish another identity to perform social, entertainment, consumption, and production behaviors. Build a world-leading breakthrough and highly centralized game industry.

Application scenarios


The application of TRON in virtual assets is extremely wide, and it has become the de facto standard for the value of virtual assets in the blockchain field. At present, the applications of virtual assets based on TOKEN (FT/NFT) mainly include the following categories:

Digital collectibles

Among them, NBA Top Shot is the most popular NFT project recently. It surpassed CryptoKitties this year and became the NFT project with the largest transaction volume in history.

Game assets

The more representative projects are: Gods Unchained, Axie Infinity, My Crypto Heroes, etc.

virtual reality

Among them, Decentraland is a virtual world constructed entirely by NFT, where the land, equipment, etc. are all in the form of NFT.

Encrypted artwork

The so-called encrypted artwork means that the form of the artwork itself is digital.


The more representative projects are: Aavegotchi, Yinsurance, etc. Yinsurance uses NFT to implement insurance policies.

AP BOX application ecology


APCH is a TOKEN in the AP BOX ecosystem. It has the attributes of pledge model, mining model, payment circulation, voting governance, etc., and has complete market attributes. APCH value changes with the changes of market supply and demand.

5.6 billion issued in total

Based on TRON technology, good scalability and low cost
Rich application scenarios

  • Provide power for on-chain transactions and applications
  • There are wallets, browsers, infrastructure, prognosticators, extension schemes
  • APCH unique attributes
  • Ecological value-added will be unlimited


APCH is issued by a British lawyer with supporting legal documents
Non-security nature TOKEN

  • Accept the supervision of European financial regulators ESFS, EBA, ESA
  • Have complete market attributes
  • Value changes with changes in market supply and demand.
  • Possess airdrop, pledge, mining, payment circulation, voting governance attributes


JustSwap is a TRON-based exchange protocol
Used for the exchange of TRC20 tokens

  • System pricing
  • Convenient transaction
  • The agreement will not charge a fee
  • All handling fees are provided to the liquidity provider of the agreement
  • The decentralization and security of the protocol are reliably guaranteed

From our blog


DeFi was born to solve the shortcomings of traditional finance; NFT digital assets are emerging from inhomogeneity
Affected by the epidemic, the "home economy" is driven by the "Generation Z", the main consumer circle. The real world is becoming more and more mature through digital financial circulation virtual games."Meta universe" is the realization of concepts under new technologies such as extended reality (XR), blockchain, cloud computing, and digital twins.

The roadmap

Create an AP BOX metauniverse and provide pricing services. Run the community and find more great developers to join AP BOX
Build a developer community. Create an AP BOX metauniverse ecosystem and implement SLA, reward more good developers, and get involved in more real life areas.
Establish mature and sound anti-fraud system, as well as secure transmission system, and make more breakthroughs in confidentiality and security.
Build a reasonable governance platform and implement more application scenarios to expand the boundaries of AP BOX & TRON ecosystem to serve the real world.